“Arshan”! How much senseincluded in this word! Magnificent bald mountains of Sayan, flat slopes of Khamar-Daban, crystal-like water of the Kyngyrga River, “Hangoor Uula” healing springs, thermal pools of “Zhemchug” and so on come back in the memory of those who has already been here!

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Many residents of Eastern Siberia and our guests are only expecting to visit and get acquainted to Arshan and Tunkinskaya valley. You are offered to come and see our cozy guest house – “Irkut” resort.

If you want to have an exciting rest, close to nature, both comfortable and sparing you must come to our place to Arshan settlement, Veresova Street, 106!


“Irkut” resort is perfectly suitable for family, healthing and corporate recreation.

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The resort is situated in a picturesque place. The brook is brawling in the yard, the pines are sighing, and the bushes are turning green, overlooking a beautiful view on mountains.

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In warm wooden two-storey house there are rooms with various amenities and capacity, for one, two, three or four persons. The total capacity of the resort in the summertime is 25 persons. Extra beds can be provided by request.


There are satellite antenna, internet access and Wi-Fi.

In a separately situated coffee-room of the resort you can have a rest with a good company, there are such things as a guitar, karaoke, simply saying, everything you need for a great get-together!

The guests are offered twice a day meal. All dishes are cooked of local environmentally friendly products.

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For those who like it: Siberian sauna with wood heating, excellent soft steam, changing room, washer and steam room. Herbal teas with honey can be served by request.

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There is one favourite spot for tourists at the resort where everybody comes in the evening next to the bonfire to play the guitar and sing different songs. Amazingly warm atmosphere arises on such get-togethers. You can easily sing and remember lots of various things happened in your life.

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And, by the way, the prices are quite affordable.